EP1: Early Morning Bush Walk at Sunset Game Lodge

Guests staying @sunsetgamelodge enjoying an Early Morning Bush Walk on the Guernsey Private Nature Reserve…….

An Early Morning Bush Walk at Sunset Game Lodge near Hoedspruit and Orpen Gate Kruger National Park

The video shows clearly how stunning it was to take our guests on their early morning Bush Walk. During a Bush Walk we take the time to give more information about everything we find or that someone might find interesting. We are just human, so sometimes we do not know the answer immediately or we might just have forgotten the exact details but then we will look it up as soon as we have settled back at lodge and update the guests with the correct info. While walking in the bush there are many sights and sounds that provide clues as to what you can expect to see. We use these clues to educate and also to be prepared for what might be waiting behind the next bush or tree. By the way, trees in themselves provide a host of information about the environment you are in. A rubbing post, or tree frequently used by animals to rub themselves on might have fresh mud, or skin, or a carcass on and in it, which will tell you what you must be on the lookout for.

Join one of these Bush Walks by visiting our website at https://www.sunsetgamelodge.com/activities.htm to book your stay at the lodge or your bush activity, you must also visit our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9D23LWjA6JoeJtb3Mg0j6A to view more of the exciting things that you can enjoy while staying with us and subscribe to get all the latest from the bush.

One response to “EP1: Early Morning Bush Walk at Sunset Game Lodge”

  1. Zebras look striking in that beautiful golden dawn light.
    Also love the crunch of leaves and grasses underfoot. An inviting experience.

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