Battle between Croc and Zebra in the Kruger National Park

A Full Day Kruger Trip turned into a once in a Lifetime Experience for guests recently. Accompanying guests to the Kruger National Park on a Day trip can be exciting but even more so when you come across what turns out to be a National Geographic moment of Epic proportions. Although it might appear cruel, it must be remembered that the Crocodile must eat as well. In a poignant moment it appears that the other Zebras in the herd coms to say goodbye. Although this fight to the death lasted more than 2 hours, we shortened the video. It is important to come back and watch again as one sees more detail every time you watch the video. This was a once in a lifetime chance for us to see action of this kind in the wild, imagine how excited our guests were as they have never experienced any of this kind of wildlife action.

A Nat Geo Moment for our Guests

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