Big 5 Game Drive close to Hoedspruit

We joined our guests on a Big 5 game drive very close to Hoedspruit Town in an Open Safari Vehicle and a very professional guide, Keegan. Now we have been on so many game drives that one is reluctant to do another one but boy oh boy we were in for a treat.

We had an exceptionally close encounter with a Elephant mock charging the vehicle but everybody stayed calm and it was an experience of a lifetime as it came to within millimetres of the vehicle. Here Keegan’s calm approach to the situation, and to a small degree the fact that we often come into close contact with these monstrous but gentle beasts, played a deciding role in the Elephant quickly losing interest in us. One is left wondering if the breeding herd that was also close to us had him wondering if we a threat to his dominating a female in heat.

A very close and calm elephant encounter!

Shortly after the Elephant encounter we came across a Pack of Wild dogs. We have seen Wild Dogs on many occasions but this time the pack had the most adorable puppies, AND that was a definite first. It was spectacular to watch them play and interact before the adults decided that it was time to leave for the hunt. We followed them for quite a while and managed to get the most wonderful footage and photos.

Amazing sighting of Wild Dog Pack and Puppies

The night drive followed after Sundowners were enjoyed on an open plain. The most spectacular Sunset was enjoyed with Mariepskop in the Background.

Sundowners on Big 5 Game Drive as part of a Safari Holiday

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