The Ostrich and Hyena Showdown at Sunset Game Lodge

This is a video that Annelien Dekker shot at dinner last night @sunsetgamelodge. The Ostrich was lying sleeping in front of the restaurant when the Hyena came around the corner very unexpectedly and startled the Ostrich. It was something like we have never seen before!

Showdown at the Sunset Game Lodge Restaurant

We have said it before…”Always keep your camera ready when visiting Sunset Game Lodge”. Annelien captured this amazing moment of a showdown between an Ostrich and a Hyena. Life in the African Bush is always unpredictable but sightings of this nature is rare and must be treasured. Take into consideration that this was not filmed while on a Game Drive but while sitting on the Restaurant Deck. On our Instagram and Facebook pages one can see the incredible amount of time that people have captured amazing footage of African Wildlife visiting the lodge. The waterhole is also visible from the Restaurant and this plays a big role in bringing the animals closer to our visitors. Naturally we encourage our visitors to book a night or morning drive while staying with us but astoundingly the visitors often see more, while at the Restaurant than those who went on a Game Drive. It can be said however that to spot Leopard at night you will have to join one of our Night drives.

Maybe you too can capture a special moment while visiting us!! To Book your Safari Package with us go to our website and have a look at the bush and adventure activities on offer. Let us know your dates and we will begin putting your package together, with all the activities and safaris in the area.

You can always extend this package if you like by adding a few more days to fit in a few more adventures by clicking on the link above or contacting us by phone or WhatsApp on +27823741523 to start your adventure!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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