Get Up and Go!

We set out very early yesterday morning for the Blyde River Canyon, more specifically at the bottom of the Blyde Dam on a Walking Trail called the Peninsula Trail, which is a lovely but tough walk about 2km plus long. With our breakfast boxes packed we first enjoyed breakfast next to the dam and then had a stunning walk with so many opportunities to stop and take photos of the amazing scenery of the Blyde Canyon from below. Looking up at the mountain, The Three Rondawels and all of the sightings you see that is normally associated with the Panorama Route, but this time from the bottom. This is just an experience like no other, and a lot of people miss this opportunity because they don’t know that it is not only from the top down but sometimes from the bottom up that is also spectacular. So, in a few days time we will do the Panorama Route and Annelien and Christel will enjoy the views looking down to the dam and the memories of the walk along the banks of the Blyde Dam will all come back

Peninsular Trail along the Banks of the Blyde Dam.

I think in total we stopped at least 25 to 30 times to take videos and photos because it was just a spectacularly beautiful day. The breeze early morning helps because the sun was out, promising to be quite a warm day but because we started so early it was fine. It is a rule with @sunsetgamelodge that we check the weather updates to make sure on the day that the activities are booked is ideal for the that activity. We think that is very important for the memories to be created, walking in 32°C heat this will not be as much fun.

As we approached the parking area where our vehicle was waiting, a troop of baboons called as they sensed our presence, they called very loud and very close but fortunately I know the sounds that the baboons make and knew we were in no danger. But what an experience! You could feel the vibrations from that call. We arrived back at the vehicle exhausted but it is that “nice kind of tired”. The bathroom facilities that the Mpumalanga Parks Board provide at the moment is super clean and a wonderful facility to have available to one after a walk like the one we just had!

If you would like to book a Safari Package, @sunsetgamelodge, which includes the Boat ride on the Blyde Dam and the Dam Walk, visit our website at

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